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Don't lose business because your online shop is off search engine radar or hard to use, unsafe, unattractive or woefully out-of-date.

You could DIY and learn how to "piece together" an online store that makes you money and makes your proud. Frankly, it's a better investment & use of your time and resources to let a geek customize an engaging, user-friendly ecommerce solution that will significantly improve your bottom line.

Shopping carts make it possible to shop and purchase goods and services online. Some cart features are essential, like SSL certification for safe, secure online transactions. Others are amazingly helpful to larger merchants, like built-in phone orders, batch order processing or a customer loyalty program. Some are just cool. Others are useless or even worse, dangerous.

Sometimes all you really need are a few PayPal buttons. DoctorGeek helps nonprofits and small businesses with those too.

questions for online entrepreneurs

  • What are your business goals?
  • Will you sell to anyone, anywhere?
  • What's the most cost effective way to collect payment? To ship?
  • How can you transfer money safely online?
  • What's your return policy?
  • Does automatic order & shipping confirmation email sound good to you?
  • Do you want to offer special perks to returning customers?
  • How can site traffic statistics help you improve your bottom line?
  • How can you market your online store?
  • How can social media increase your bottom line?
  • Does an email newsletter make sense for you? A blog? A Facebook fan page? Twitter? Instagram? Pinterest? The next big thing?
  • How much social media marketing can be done in-house?
  • How much IT can be done in-house?

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online store considerations

  • What monthly operating costs work for your business?
  • How secure are online transactions?
  • Does size count for your online inventory?
  • How visual are your products and other bandwidth issues...
  • How much downtime can your business tolerate?
  • What can you do to get search engines to notice your products?
  • Who are you going call when things in your online store “go bump in the night”?

commercial clients

online store hosting

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Volusion software & shopping cart solutions works well for online stores like because Reign Trading Co . doesn't have to worry about bandwidth. While not perfect, as of this writing Volusion gets DoctorGeek's thumbs up.