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Law Office of Megan N. Bowker

Law Office of Megan N. Bowker homepage top portion

Megan N. Bowker, Esq. is dedicated to providing personalized, compassionate and tailored legal representation to individuals and businesses of the Lompoc Valley and Central Coast of California in estate planning, business and other general legal matters.

Services rendered (2016 +)
Responsive web design, image optimization, web hosting setup, image enhancement, search engine optimization, forms setup, end user training. Periodic site maintenance.

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Rich's Paving

R & R Paving crew paving a driveway in a wooded area

Rich's Paving Contractors has been offering paving services in the San Francisco North Bay since 1988. Owner Richard Stanley wanted an online presence so potential customers could find out more about his company: services offered, licensing information, reviews and the best way to contact his company. This basic site meets Richard's needs.

Services rendered (2015 +)
Responsive website design, search engine optimization, site hosting, content creation. Site updates.

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Freeway wall covered with Ivy-It to deter grafitti

Ivy-It™ provides “environmentally friendly 100% recycled graffiti deterrent products and life-like industrial strength outdoor ivy and vines for residential, municipal and commercial customers.” Owner Sergio Martinez wanted to makes it easy for multiple audiences in Southern California (municipalities, businesses, property managers & homeowners) to find his company's products & services. To show how synthetic foliage deters graffiti, a picture is worth a thousand words. The site offers before and after photos, case studies & testimonials about the value of the company's artificial ivy & vines for privacy and beautification as well as graffiti abatement.

Services rendered (2009 +)
Website redesign, search engine optimization, image enhancement, site maintenance

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Note - Currently, this site is under renovation to a secure, mobile responsive WordPress site.

Starwas Consulting

Share Starwas, predictive psychic

Share Starwas is a “highly respected professional psychic and teacher well known for her clear, direct approach and accurate predictive readings.” Share's site redesign offers a down-to-earth glimpse into her background and skills and describes what to expect from a reading. The site features a schedule for local & international clients and online credit card processing for telephone, video conference and mail clients.

Services rendered (2006 +)
Website redesign, search engine optimization, site hosting and email setup, image enhancement, ecommerce integration, responsive mobile friendly streaming video, site maintenance

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DoctorGeek had the knowledge and creativity to present some wonderful ideas for my new website. I wanted a professional, clean site with a unique personalized look. She really listened AND understood MY needs while offering suggestions I would never have imagined. After just a couple of conversations with Susan, everything just clicked into place and I have a website I am proud of. Now clients are really clear on who I am and exactly what I do. They not only call me for my services but to ‘high 5’ me on my new, beautiful website!
-Share Starwas

Commercial Training Services

trucker leaning against his truck

Commercial Transportation Services has been a leader in professional truck driver training and services in Southern California for more than 20 years. Owner & instructor Dino Perugino needed a website to replace and expand printed materials for trade shows and local customers.

Services rendered (2010 +)
Website design, search engine optimization, photography & image enhancement, site hosting setup, web maintenance

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DoctorGeek is the go to person when your website is not aligning or, as in our case, was non-existing. As a small business we decided it was time to catch up with the times & thought we could set-up a website on our own. Needless to say we soon discovered that would not be the case. After admiring one of my favorite site’s design & the ease of navigating it, I noticed who they recommended & decided to contact Susan - which turned out to be the right choice. So if you want a professional looking website, work with someone who is knowledgeable, listens to your needs, and can explain things simply to those of us who are computer challenged. We recommend DoctorGeek.
-Dino Perugino, owner, CTS

Coordinating Council for Women in History

Coordinating Council for Women in History logo

The CCWH “seeks to broaden both the organization of women historians and the study of women's history to represent as fully as possible the diversity of women in the United States and internationally.” The 17-member Executive Board wanted to update the CCWH's online presence, email communications, social media integration and online credit card capabilities. A 2013 site redesign met these goals with a secure, easy-to-edit WordPress site. Google Docs for Nonprofits offers archived, transferable, position-based email accounts, shared cloud storage, collaborative online editing, video conferencing, and more for no cost. I redesigned the site again in 2017.

Services rendered (2013 +)
Responsive website redesign, WordPress setup, SSL security, email & mailing list migration; web hosting setup, image enhancement, search engine optimization, Google Docs for Nonprofits setup, MailChimp email marketing setup, non-profit capacity building, social media integration, training, periodic website maintenance

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Susan recently completely redesigned our organization's website. Throughout the process, Susan was professional and attentive to the needs of the organization and very patient with those of us who have little technical expertise. Susan spent a considerable amount of time making sure that I was comfortable and knowledgeable about the way the website worked and always listened when I felt frustrated or misunderstood. I would highly recommend Susan and her work without hesitation to any organization or individual who needs a little more hands on care than others provide.
-Sandra Dawson, Executive Director, CCWH

Riebli Mutual Water Company

Water tank, Riebli Mutual Water Company

The Riebli Mutual Water Company is a water supply company in Sonoma County, California. The Hidden Hills development, built in the 1960s, brought with it the establishment of the Riebli Mutual Water Company that included ownership by all 47 homeowners, two 600' deep wells, a 40,000 gallon redwood storage tank and an in-street distribution system. Riebli Mutual is an nonprofit organization managed by an elected Board of Directors who serve on a volunteer basis.

Services rendered (2016 +)
Responsive website redesign, WordPress development; SSL security, web hosting setup, image enhancement, search engine optimization, Google Docs for Nonprofits setup, site maintenance, end user training.

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Berkshire Conference of Women Historians

Purple wrist bands with the Berks, Women with a Past

The Berkshire Conference of Women Historians was founded in 1930 to promote the interests of women historians within and outside academia. In recent decades, the organization has taken a leading role in promoting the history of women, gender and sexuality.

Services rendered (2015 +)
Responsive website redesign - WordPress, site migration, web hosting setup, image enhancement, search engine optimization, forms setup with payment and email integration, social media integration & development & end user training, SSL security, web maintenance.

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Historical Society of Southern California

Historical Society of S. CA logo

The HSSC is committed to preserving, interpreting and promoting the diverse history of southern California and the West. Founded in 1883, the Historical Society of Southern California (HSSC) is the oldest historical society in California.

Services rendered (2015 +)
Responsive website redesign - WordPress, site migration, web hosting setup, Google Docs for Nonprofits setup, MailChimp email marketing setup, UC Press Hirewire integration, search engine optimization, forms setup, social media integration & end user training.

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Western Association of Women Historians

WAWH logo with Western Association of Women Historians written in a symbol of the Roman goddess Venus is often used to represent the women over a map of the western United States

The WAWH “promotes the interests of women historians both in academic settings and in the field of history generally. It is the the largest of the regional women's historical association in the U.S.” A 2006 site redesign struck a balance between reaching out to scholars comfortable with web technology & members adapting to technology who were turned off by flashy, complicated web sites. Adobe Contribute software simplified in-house editing for the Executive Director. The current redesign uses WordPress to offer a modern look and feel — plus easy in-house editing for a new board member, the Digital Communications Coordinator.

Services rendered
Responsive website redesign, WordPress development; site, email & mailing list migration, web hosting setup, image enhancement, search engine optimization, Google Docs for Nonprofits setup, MailChimp email marketing setup, social media integration & development & end user training.

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Susan Kullman designed and redesigned the website for the Western Association of Women Historians. She first learned about what the organization wanted to accomplish with a website and then offered suggestions. She sent a contract with a schedule of creation and costs. She met each of the benchmarks and completed the websites on time. When the organization redesigned the website, Susan integrated social media into the new site as well as updating the look and function. I strongly recommend Susan Kullmann.
- Amy Essington, (former) Executive Director, WAWH

Council on China Exchange

Photo of the Great Wall of China by Susan Kullmann

CCE China specializes in “bilateral cultural and educational programs in China and the United States. [They] provide cultural, educational and professional experiences to the interested public, students and teachers from the United States as well as from China.” Ying Cao wanted a well organized site for information about a variety of programs & services updated annually as well as the ability to offer reliable travel information for Americans who travel to China.

Services rendered
Website design, search engine optimization, photography, website maintenance

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DoctorGeek efficiently and effectively completely designed our website. With a short interview that made us think more carefully about our potential clients and the way we wanted our message conveyed, Susan was able to create a format that was professional and has garnered positive response from both our target organizations and parent company.
-Ying Cao, Chairman, CCE China

Disciples Seminary Foundation

Disciples Seminary Foundation - Partners in the Journey logo

DSF “enables the preparation of leaders for ministry in covenant with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and in partnership with ecumenical and educational partners on the West Coast of the United States.” DSF redesign goals include a user-friendly, attractive and readily available suite for web users across the globe, the ability for in-house staff to easily & frequently update site contents and enable donors to gift DSF online. (web archive)

Services rendered (2004 - 2017)
Website redesign, site migration, web hosting setup, image enhancement, search engine optimization, Google Docs for Nonprofits setup, non-profit capacity building, Adobe Contribute setup & training, periodic website maintenance, online credit card processing for one-time and recurring gifts setup, PayPal integration

DoctorGeek really helped us by listening to our needs and understanding who we are. Susan worked closely with our staff, studied our old website, and showed us what was working and what needed a new vision. She helped us understand why we wanted to make changes and then showed us how to get better results. She gave us a design that did what we needed, and that reflected our own individual character. Also, DoctorGeek taught our staff very quickly how to make changes and updates to our website, so that we add new content easily at any time - without risking damage to our overall site. When we have needed new features or customer service, her response has been amazing.
-Jon L. Berquist, President, DSF

wholesale online store homepage

Square West Gallery is a family owned business of imported Mexican goods and hand crafted art. They have a showroom in Pomona, California and an wholesale online business that ships anywhere in the United States. Square West owner Debbie Fuentes wanted an online store for her wholesale clients that also allowed potential customers to explore her product line. Ordering from her wholesale website is open to approved, registered members.

Services rendered
Website redesign, responsive e-commerce setup, member registration setup, search engine optimization, Google for Work email, social media integration, training

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online store

Filmstrip with Mexican film poster images

Mexican Film Posters offers “vintage movie poster reproductions that are close to a perfect duplicate of the original movie posters of 60 to 70 years ago, the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema.” Mexican film history expert Ramon Villalba wanted to share his amazing collection of classic Mexican movie posters and lobby cards. His online store needs to expand easily as he adds more poster reproductions and original film lobby cards to his inventory. As a bonus, site visitors can watch the original movies for each poster on the site.

Services rendered
Website design, ecommerce setup, mobile optimization, image enhancement, search engine optimization, social media integration, streaming video, training

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hybrid online store

Sombrero sugar skull from

Mexican Sugar Skull specializes in all things Day of the Dead and has been online since 1999. The site offers more than 1,000 products to retail and wholesale customers around the world. Reign Training Co. owner Angela Villalba values the vibrancy of “traditional” websites offer over uniformly structured, shopping cart-based online stores. Her HTML-based site offers engaging product displays that compliment the company's eclectic, predominately handmade merchandise. The site seamlessly connects customers to a state-of-the-art shopping cart for purchases.

Services rendered
Website redesign, search engine optimization, image enhancement, social media development, ecommerce setup & integration, UPS shipping integration, MailChimp email marketing, streaming video, SSL setup, site maintenance

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If anyone out there needs a company or personal website or newsletter (or help with ANYTHING web related), we highly recommend Susan at DoctorGeek.
-Angela Villalba, owner, Reign Trading Co.

online store for brick & mortar store homepage top with image of part of the brick and mortar store and about our company info

Ethnic Arts “has sold ethnographic and folk art from the villages of the world for 40 years. This well known Berkeley store has a diverse collection of textiles, jewelry, carvings, ritual pieces and cards. It's the Bay Area's source for David Marsh furniture, a whimsically original line of sustainable pine and recycled wood tables, cabinets, bookcases and mirrors.”

Services rendered
Website redesign, e-commerce migration and setup, mobile optimization, search engine optimization, email list and social media integration, end user training

The original site is being converted for use as a mainly online store.

professional site

Amy Essington's professional home page.

Amy Essington is an historian of 20th century America with interests in social history, sport history, and women's history. Her research includes the integration of sport, particularly baseball, social movements, and race.

Services rendered
Responsive WordPress site development, search engine optimizaation, site hosting setup, training.

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photog site

Gerlach Arts Festival '09 photo by Brian Biery

Brian Biery is “a documentary photographer who strives to capture the complexities, contradictions and beauty of life through his camera lens.” Initially, Brian wanted a website to display his photographs and a method for people to purchase photographs and his book, The Power of One. His site contains 23 photo albums with more than 2000 images. He uses Flickr for new photos now, and added a blog to his site featuring photo essays of Pasadena community contributors.
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Power of One - shaping our community blog logo

In 2015 Brian added the Power of One blog to share his passion for photography and community service. His blog shares the stories of folks just like us who have a vision for how our world can be: a place that is fair and just to all of its residents. The site features a amazing people from the Pasadena/Altadena community and describe a bit about how they are positively impacting our lives. 

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Services rendered
Website design, hosting & email setup, still and video photo galleries, image optimization, search engine optimization, site maintenance, WordPress development

The experience I had with DoctorGeek was gratifying because, finally, I knew that I had found someone who was professional and knowledgeable about the subject after having inquired with numerous other web site designers about their abilities and products. In this age of looking for a quick buck and an absence of loyalty to the customer, it is gratifying to know that there are businesses that still have high standards for quality and workmanship like DoctorGeek.
- Brian Biery

book site

Book cover, Mexican Calendar Girls by Angela Villalba

“A truly popular art form, the glamorous paintings of Mexican calendar girls have a long and fascinating history. Mexican Calendar Girls reproduces more than 150 vibrantly colorful calendar images, plus archival photographs and other materials that illuminate their creation. A fully bilingual text gives an overview of the calendars' social and cultural history, along with biographies of the talented artists who created them.” Author Angela Villalba wanted a site about her book, professional background & presentations as well as a marketplace for Mexican calendar girl items and vintage style folk art.

Services rendered
Website design, search engine optimization, social media development, ecommerce integration, site maintenance

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author site

Anne Eggebroten

Anne Linstatter is a “writer, mother, (somewhat) radical feminist, and born-again Christian” who has taught Women & Religion and English Literature at California State University, Northridge. Anne wanted a central website to feature her books, online publications & PDFs of earlier writing as well as easy access to her CSUN Religious Studies course lecture videos.

Services rendered
Website design, search engine optimization, downloadable documents, video streaming, YouTube integration, site maintenance

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personal book site

Book cover, Blessed Are These Hands by Susan Kullmann & Marvelle Thompson

What do early 21st-century American women hold sacred? Blessed Are These Hands show photographs and tell stories of women from infancy to 80, each holding something that represents her deepest values — along with their reflections about their photo. Featuring Jean Shinoda Bolen, Z Budapest, Pat Fish, Ava Park, Diana Paxson, Susun Weed, and 55 other extraordinary women, the book illustrates women’s spiritual views and practices that center on nature, art, work, hobbies, family bonds, as well as religion. Co-authors Susan Kullmann and Marvelle Thompson wanted a image-rich website about the book that connected to social media and the book's publisher.

Services rendered
Website design, search engine optimization, photography, content editing, Flash video, social media development, site maintenance

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web design

Reign Trading Company

A central company "hubsite" website to showcase the company's Mexican culture and folk art projects and websites.
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one page sites - online business cards

Aaron Cole, Realtor
A concise yet content-rich online business card for Realtor Aaron Cole, Claremont, CA
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I am a Realtor and needed to get a Web presence fast. I initially interviewed Susan because I liked the design of her website, and was impressed with her veteran experience as an Internet wizard and web designer. The decision to hire her was an easy one after our interview. We found that she asks a lot of questions and also listens very well. She provided helpful feedback on our ideas for what we wanted on our site. After a short time and a bit of work on our part, to come up with our content, she produced a great starter website for me. All of this was done at a very affordable price!
-Aaron Cole

Conti Painting
An online business card for Kwang Kim's professional painting service in Diamond Bar, CA (2010)
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Reflex 2 Relax

Stefanie Sabounchian has a thriving reflexology practice in Southern California and teaches at several schools. She needed a website that accurately and clearly projects her talents and services. (2007)
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Susan Kullmann has been wonderful to work with. From the first meeting on she took the time to find out all about my business and the needs for my website. With her professional knowledge and creativity Susan transformed my ideas quickly into an attractive web design. I have already received numerous comments on how great my new website looks.
-Stefanie Sabounchian

Trivia - Voices of Feminism

Trivia is an online journal founded "as a public forum for the creative and critical thinking of that great diversity of women who insist on our primacy, and who in league with and in the name of all the other endangered species on this planet, refuse to accept the life-destroying status quo."
Services rendered
Website redesign, search engine optimization, web publisher (issues 3-9) with Canadian editors
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Rachel Rudich, flutist

Rachel needed her existing site modified, optimized and updated periodically.

My website was set up a few years ago by another professional web designer, but DoctorGeek recently updated the contents of my site, made it far more manageable and accessible by enhancing the image alternative names and optimizing the site for search engines. She took the time to meet with me personally and go over all the details. Susan explained things to me clearly and professionally. She was fast, accurate and efficient, yet personable, and she was always a pleasure to work with.
-Rachel Rudich

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ol' sites

Turk Group Marketing

Visit 2006 site

My website is exactly what I hoped for. It's well-designed, easy to navigate and useful. The bonus has been the ability to update it myself using Contribute. I can keep it constantly fresh and add new information any time I want using a familiar Word-like interface. That only takes a few minutes and because the templates are in place, the site continues to look great and work extremely well for me and my team.
- Mary Nielson, CEO, Turk Group Marketing

Inland Empire Waterkeeper

Visit 2010 site

Sometimes it is difficult to articulate the vision one has of what they want in their website. Strange as it may seem, a website really gives a living identity to an organization that has a personality and communicates to the world about what it is your organization does. DoctorGeek's step by step process of web design really helps sharpen the focus of what you want your website to convey to the community and the tone with which that is expressed. Susan really helped me to turn the website I envisioned into a functional reality.
-Mandy Revell, former Director, Inland Empire Waterkeeper

business consulting

DoctorGeek has helped me tremendously. I started out thinking I could do it myself with one of the ‘build your own’ sites! I kept loading information on it and after awhile I recognized it was not good. In fact, it was terrible. DoctorGeek helped me to focus, ‘sift and winnow’ the content and make it all work. Within a week I had a number of new clients! I was amazed. Her computer knowledge coupled with her business sense made it seem easy. She is above all understandable, patient and willing to persevere until it is something you are content with. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to build a website.
-Ann Bingham Newman |

I have worked with Dr. Kullmann in the capacity of web designer associated with my consulting business, MB HealthWorks. Susan has a wealth of practical information to assist any newly formed business that desires breaking into the web information network. Susan is personable, professional and extremely creative in her web designs. She communicates verbally with the skill level necessary to match that of the audience, thus producing real-time instruction that benefits everyone in the room.
-Eric McLaughlin |

non-profit consulting

Harvey Mudd College and Claremont McKenna College, Claremont, CA

Rancho Santa Botanic Gardens, the largest botanic garden dedicated to California native plants, Claremont, CA

Project Sister Family Services, regional sexual assault crisis and prevention, Pomona, CA

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), Pomona, CA Chapter - dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with mental illness & their families

Choices, La Puente, CA / Cal State LA - helps women, high-risk youth, pregnant teens, parenting teens and adults and their families