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Does your digital life need a checkup?
Preventative maintenance?
Urgent care?

DoctorGeek's been helping people lose the technology blues since 1997.

New web project? Let's work up a plan to meet your needs, dreams & budget.

Established website? How about a digital review to find valuable, cost-effective ways to update your digital life.

The web isn't rocket science but it can be confusing. I explain things in plain English so you can make informed decisions about every aspect of your online presence.

I welcome your questions.

¬ Susan (aka DoctorGeek)

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web development

An attractive, easy to use website communicates with impact and offers an excellent return on investment.

Your site should place well on targeted searches & offer visitors information and incentives that result in direct contact with you. More »


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Don't lose business because your online shop is off search engine radar, hard to use, unsafe, unattractive or woefully out-of-date.

You could DIY and learn to “piece together” an online store that makes you money & makes you proud. Frankly, it's better to use  your time & resources to.... More »

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DoctorGeek offers on-site and live remote online training to individuals and non-profit & small business folks.

Training is customized to meet your objectives effectively, efficiently and as painlessly as possible. More »